STEAM Diploma Program

The STEAM Diploma Program provides students with the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary coursework, drawing together its five core subject areas. The primary objective of the program is to inspire students and prepare them for the rigor of following a demanding program in a STEAM field at college. Students will be challenged to draw on their knowledge of all the core disciplines to synthesize innovative solutions to problems. Completion of the program leads to a special STEAM Diploma.

Students in the Upper School may apply for admission into the STEAM Diploma Program at the end of their ninth or tenth grade year. The application will be released prior to spring break each year. Students who are accepted into the program will be assigned a STEAM advisor with whom they will develop a yearly plan and set short- and long-term goals.

Students must maintain a B average in all STEAM-related courses. Students must complete at least two AP® courses in science, technology, art, or mathematics. The two AP® courses must be in different disciplines.

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